The Ralph Rohrer Reunion 2004

Picture of Grandpa and Grandma RalphReunion 2004

2004 Recap

Where: Mitch and Merla's place. When: Sept. 11, 2004 (5:00pm).
We had the reunion at Mitch and Merla's house again this year! There were 54 attendees. Ribbons were given to all and we gave some 2003 ribbons out to those who didn't receive their's last year. It was decided to reserve the Claypool Community Center for 2005. Ruth Lozier and Madelline Lock won the candy cannisters door prizes. Leon Rohrer was the closest guesser for the jar full of candies.

Nathan had some old 8mm home movies of Noble's 50th birthday which included Grandpa and Grandma Ralph as well as some very young cousins!

We did not take donations this year.


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