The Ralph Rohrer Reunion 2003

Picture of Grandpa and Grandma RalphReunion 2003

2003 Recap

Where: Mitch and Merla's place. When: Sept. 13, 2003 (5:00pm).
We had the reunion at Mitch and Merla's house this year! They were great hosts! Ribbons were given late and some had already left, so if you were there in 2003 and didn't receive your ribbon I'll have them at the 2004 reunion. Merla Ousley and Jeff Rohrer won the candy cannisters. Misty Flannery was the closest guesser for the jar full of candies.
We are going to try and get the Etna Green Community Center for 2004. Greg thought the rent was $50. He is checking and we'll have more details after the first of the year (2004). We're planning an evening dinner again on the 2nd or 3rd Saturday of September, 2004.


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