The Ralph Rohrer Reunion 2000

Picture of Grandpa and Grandma RalphReunion 2000

2000 Recap

There were 63 present and ribbons were given to all commemorating the event. Lela Rohrer won a crystal canister. Nathan Rohrer also won a canister (I promise it wasn't rigged!!!! :-). Tracey Ingle won the jar of candies with her guess of 251. The jar actually had 259 candies. Norman Rohrer, who is the son of Jay Rohrer (one of Ralph's brothers), paid a surprise visit (I hope I got that right, send me a note if it's wrong). Some old 8mm movies were shown of grandpa and grandma Ralph. And of course, everyone lined up for the mandatory picture parade! Everyone was encouraged to bring photographs of grandpa and grandma Ralph so we can all look at them in 2001. I would also encourage everyone to bring their reunion pictures next year as well. All in all, great food and a fun time. See you all next year!!!! The first Sunday in August at the Atwood Community Building (August 5, 2001).


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